5 Common Baccarat Strategies You Should Ignore

Playing baccarat in online casinos has become more than just a hobby for many. In fact, this emerging game has gone a long way since then. Now if you’re a novice player in baccarat online, you may have read, watched and/or listened to guides and tutorials revealing what they call ‘the best strategies.’

The truth is that many so-called techniques don’t work. Here are the five common ones to ignore or not pay attention to, if you want to play baccarat online casino and make serious money.

Baccarat Strategies That Would Waste Your Casino Money

  1. Buying and memorizing a proven system that claims to work- Here’s the deal—everything is rote to the rules to the game, so nothing there is that you can change. That so-called system is meaningless because the rules are fixed. Take note of that.  So, do not even come to think that the hitting and standing decisions have something to do to you, as you cannot decide what to do. Again, everything is based on the game rules.
  1. Listening to an advice about any betting strategy- Again, there is no playing system at all. So for example, you don’t actually have to spend a huge amount of time tracking your results and then spending a little bit more time to look into and review your scorecards, as if you could get something from doing so. Remember, you cannot beat the game, but what you can do is to limit decisions between 40 and 70 in every game to make the game work to your favor.
  2. Betting on the tie wager- This is one of worst wagers of all. Here is how it goes. A tie wager could carry 14% house edge, meaning you can expect to lose $14 in every $100 wagered on the bet.
  1. Putting the money in one go- For the thought of winning big,  of course some players choose to bet big, and in some cases, all their money.

This isn’t the way it should work. Never put your money on one bet. If you want to protect yourself from occasional losses and you want to ride any  lucky streaks longer, make smaller bets, especially if you’re a newbie who is just getting started and trying his luck in baccarat Genting casino. You don’t want to have a bad experience that might stop you from playing on web casinos, do you? Bear in mind: You will have more chances to winning if you have the money to bet. But that won’t be possible if you lose all of it at once.

TIP: Stick to the table minimum so that you can lengthen your playing session at the tables.  There is no reason at all to rush.

Playing online should be mostly about having fun. Therefore, take the stress off your shoulders by making a wise decision and having a goal of staying longer in your game by placing smaller bets. After all, you can increase them slightly as you go on and win.

  1. Taking down notes- Some players look ridiculously funny taking down notes while playing, resulting to worrying and limiting their chances to concentrate on the games. Do not ever think that this practice or technique will help you in any way. It won’t.

What Genting Baccarat Online Strategies Really Work?

Gamble responsibly. Set a fund for gambling and don’t play if there’s NO money for the activity. Additionally, remember that you cannot beat baccarat. Limit your decisions between 40 and 70. Finally, leave or sign out if none of the strategies you’re using is working. That day may not be your lucky day. Come back tomorrow or another time. Hopefully, you picked something up from today’s baccarat Gclub guide.

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