Lotto v Casino What do You Play?

There are lots of ways to try to win money, especially online these days, and having a flutter on one of the lottery draws, or playing casino games are both ways of adding a bit of excitement to life while being in with a chance of winning.

What is interesting though is the way in which these two very different, but also similar ways of betting are viewed. By that I mean that there can be a certain amount of stigma attached to playing casino games, because it is seen as gambling, but if you play the lottery it is not really seen as gambling at all.

So why is this? Essentially you are doing exactly the same thing, betting some of your own money on the outcome of something happening, in the hope that you are going to win. In the case of the Lotto draws you are betting that you have chosen the numbers that will come up in the next draw of that lottery game. In the case of casino, it may be that you are betting on red or black, or a number on the roulette wheel, or you are playing slots and betting that you will match the winning lines, or land the symbols that trigger a bonus game. They are both the same aren’t they?

Lotto Games

Buying lotto tickets is seen as a normal part of any shopping trip now, everyone hopes that their lottery numbers will come up and they will be made into instant millionaires. So why is this not really seen as gambling by most people? Possibly because a lot of the money from ticket sales is given to good causes and charities, this gives a feel good factor. So even if you lose, you have given your money to a good cause. Buying lottery tickets each week you are probably not going to run up large losses, as people tend to budget a small amount each week. This could change though, as we are now able to buy tickets for different Lotto draws taking place in different countries on different days of the week. If you played them all, you could quite easily overspend!

Casino Games

When you play casino games, let’s take slots as a typical example, your aim is just the same, to win money to make your lifestyle better and make you happy. There are large jackpots to be had on some of the slots and they are now very easy to play on tablets and mobile phones. So why is playing casino games seen as being more risky? It is probably down to the quick pace of the games and the fact that you can play them 24 hours a day, as the online casinos never close. Adrenaline starts pumping, especially if you have a win, then lose it again, you are always hoping for the next win. Before you know it, you may have spent far more money that you bargained for.
So which do you play? Good luck with both as you can win life changing amounts, just make sure that you have good discipline if you play casino though!

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